Alexandros Leventis

22 November 2019

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A place blessed by nature, art, history.

“Sachnisia” are small rooms with elaborate windows that slightly protrude out at the upper roofs, in the elevation of the Pelion mansions. They were the traditional summer rooms, the moushafir’s inn, and the guesthouse. In any village of Pelion, the view from a “sachnisi” proves that in this place the magic bursts from the springs and the richness is nourished in the soil.

Each season in Pelion is an attraction by itself, thanks to different scents and colors. Chestnuts, linden trees, plane trees and beeches are covered by snow in winter and they are all green during spring and summer. Mountains and sea, history and nature, historical trails and fascinating car rides could nowhere been combined in a better way, than in Zagora, Tsagkarada or Mouresi, in the villages that are imposing in Eastern Pelion, over the Aegean Sea.

Eastern Pelion, PELION

The higher one can reach (near Pliassidi, which is the highest peak of Mount Pelion or Agriolefkes, near Chania, where the ski resort is located), they can overlook the islands of Sporades; just a breath away, behind Halkidiki and Mount Athos. , Kissavos and Olympus, the Thessalian plain, which is the largest and the richest of Greece, and the lacy beaches of the Pagasitic Gulf.

Pelion is a fairytale place; that’s the way historians and contemporary travelers describe it. A place really gifted from nature, art and tradition, with beauties, history, rare vegetation, fertile and blessed land. Rotation, contrast and composition. Mountain and sea. Twelve minutes distance from the mountain peak to the sea shore. Winter, summer. Every space has its own style, different fruits and flavors. The seasons are imprinted on the cobbled streets and alleys of the villages, the flowers blooming on the stone walls of the mansions and the blooms, the fruits covering the trees and the streets: chestnuts in autumn, apples blooming in summer. They are also reflected in the cuisine (or culinary art), traditional as well, result of an experience of centuries, after its contact with nature and the earth.

On the east coast of Pelion, there are innumerable golden sandy beaches, with fine sand and turquoise waters. In Horefto, Agioi Saranta, Agios-Ioannis and Damouchari, Milopotamos and Fakistra, the Aegean often embraces the green hillsides of Pelion with high waves and nature creates magnificent breathtaking landscapes.Traditional and well-preserved cobbled streets starting from the surrounding mountain villages, lead to most of these beaches. In Zagora, in Mouresi, hidden in the fir trees, in Anilio, in Kissos, nature and history compose landscapes of unique and rare beauty. In picturesque Tsagkarada, in the heart of a chestnut forest, the view is astonishing, just like the smells of hydrangeas, gardenia and camellia. After all, Pelion has been considered the mountain of flowers and healing herbs since ancient times, while in many villages, such as Makrirrahi, the cultivation of flowers is one of the main occupations of the inhabitants.

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