Plaka Beach , Pelion

Alexandros Leventis

22 November 2019

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It is located between the beaches of Agioi Saranta and Ai-Giannis. The location is such that it is very easy to access.The attractions for nature lovers and those we wish to be isolated are the crystal clear waters, the lush vegetation that reaches the sea and the basic equipment in terms of organized beach.


The characteristics of the beach are its many pebbles that can be found there in various shades, from white and translucent to gray and black, and can be found even in the first steps of the seabed, after which there are large thick stones.

You have to be very careful as the Plaka Sea is very steep and when the winds are blowing the wave is very high. Especially for nature lovers, it is an ideal destination for an excursion to the beaches of Pelion as it is accessible from the left end of Agios Ioannis, through the footpath that leads to the right end of Plaka Beach.

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