Damouchari Village

Alexandros Leventis

14 November 2019

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Damouchari , Castle

It is located between Damouchari port and Damouchari beach. Some remains of the castle walls are still preserved. Finally, you will also find the ruins of the Turkish customs.

A paradise that combines mountain and sea for excursions all year round, but also a favorite destination for even the most ‘difficult’ travelers. One of the most beautiful walks in Pelion is the old path that goes down from Tsagkarada to Damouchari.

Visitors can reach Damouchari on foot by clicking on the stones carved from the years. The still sea was just touching the thick pebbles of the south coast. Stone shingled roofs sprang up through the quiet olive grove.At this season in the port of Damouchari you can see two or three boats, the bottom almost always shining like a crystal with plush algae. Damouchari is the only natural and safe harbor on the east coast of Pelion; and the smallest too. From here, the surrounding villages of Tsagkarada and Mouresi and their habitants carried on commercial activity.

Damouchari , Pelion

In the cape there is a ruined castle built by Venetians in order to protect the people from the pirates’ aggressions, a traveler station and warehouses they had built in Damouchari. Later – long after the Venetians – these areas were used by locals to store the products they brought from the port. From the ’70s onwards tourism began to develop with the advent of the Germans, but it never became massive. Damouchari remains a picturesque Pelion fishing village. Which is especially enjoyed by boat owners.

The northern bay is still a small harbor, where colorful fishing boats and yachts are housed. In the village there are old and new picturesque houses, hostels and rooms, but also a few taverns for a meal. In Damouchari the car reaches one point (in summer there may be a problem with parking).

Hikers find very enjoying the route from Agia Paraskevi to Damouchari. Wonderful and easy route (up to the picturesque bay with the stone scaly roofs that sprout through the olive grove.

Damouchari is located below the famous village of Tsagkarada. A good asphalt road ends up to the sea. Tsagkarada is 47 km far from Volos. You can come here by car through fantastic trails in the forests of Pelion.

Damouchari on foot: One of the most picturesque coves of the Aegean and its image above the cobblestones, unique!

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